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"Mr Fok is a dedicated teacher. His interesting style of teaching helps me understand Economics concepts. Under his teaching, I am able to have a better grasp of the syllabus. "
- Aileen (MI) -
"Mr Fok is the best Economics tutor that I have found after going to 3 different Economics tuition teachers. He has an outstanding ability in teaching Economic theories to his students. "
- Raphael (PJC) -
"Mr Fok is a wonderful teacher who is both witty and knowledgeable. Coupled with his humour, he makes his lessons extremely interesting and entertaining while providing us with valuable information. I learn extremely well under him and am confident of doing well because of him. No wonder he is one of Singapore’s “Super Tutors!” "
- Hsien Han (ACJC) -
"Mr Fok is a very dedicated teacher who makes his lessons engaging for his students. He is easily approachable and is willing to help his students beyond lesson time. Definitely one of the best teachers I have ever met! "
- Clarice (NYJC) -
"Mr Fok is an excellent teacher! He knows how to find the weak points of students and help them effectively. He is the teacher to find!"
- Zach (CJC) -
"Mr Fok is a nice teacher and provides quality lessons. You won’t regret joining!"
- Janice (HCI) -
"Before I joined this Economics tuition class, I used to score Ds and Es for my Economics. Now, I can revise with my stack of Economics notes given by Mr Fok. I have been getting As and Bs for my Economics tests now."
- Bob (CJC) -
"Mr Fok is a dedicated and committed teacher. He always shows great knowledge in the area of Economics. He makes his lessons interesting with his real-life stories!"
- James (AJC) -
"Very clear with his explanations and every lesson is interesting. My grades have improved greatly after attending his lessons. "
- Issac (SAJC) -
"Mr Fok is a very patient teacher. His notes are well compiled and I have benefited greatly from his lessons. He genuinely cares about his students and their Economics grades."
- Esther (MJC) -
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